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sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2009

Surf Camp - Seal Rocks!!!


Well buddies, this weekend was completely wicked!!!
First step catch the bus near central station!
When I saw this brand new bus, the first thought crossing my mind was "this weekend will be THE WEEKEND".

I went to this Surf Camp with another two friends from Spain, and it was hilarious see their face when they saw the bus!! hehehehehe

I think at the beginning they were quite worried with the new brand bus. However, after 10 minutes riding on this beautiful and magical bus, and with 2 beers “no bucho”, the old bus immediately transformed in a five star BUS! hehehehe

The surf camp (Great Lakes Council)!!

Is located on the limit and extremity of the National Park.

Second day!!

This view is from the top of the hill at Boat Beach!!

The snake!
This moment was awesome.. After the barbecue (lunch) we saw this massive snake trying to cross the road!

So, the massibilis OZ mate surf instructor stopped the bus "to save" her!!

See the movie buddies!!

With the comments of nuestros hermanos!!

Lighthouse Beach!

Zeca, Manel, Jonhy, & comp. time to learn something with this mate (one of the instructors)!!

I was alone when I saw this enormous lizard!!

For me this moment was one of the best on all weekend!

After an exhausting day.. Surfing and burning ours brains on the beach, "some" beers to refresh ours souls!!

Kissesssssss and hugssssssssssssss!!!